Since we opt to Working closely with the end user, we can design the entire control scheme for the new process, drawing on our experience from a wide range of systems and industries we have been involved with.  By getting to understand what is needed, our panel building department is able to produce exactly the right control panel solution for the plant or process enabling the best possible result for the customer.


PLC Migration and Upgrades

Migrating to a modern PLC platform offers significant improvements to OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), system reliability, parts availability, support, and efficiency.

When performing PLC upgrade services, we do our best to reduce downtime and costs by developing a thorough migration  strategy using either a phased or total replacement approach. Additionally, we work to maintain the existing field wiring and enclosure footprint whenever possible. Our PLC migration services also include updating all system schematics, converting existing logic and programs to the new PLC platform, and performing thorough testing to ensure full operation and compatibility.

Control Panel Design

Our custom control panel design services involve a thorough evaluation of your specifications and requirements to ensure you receive a solution with the necessary level of functionality and durability. When designing a custom control panel, we account for every detail, including install environment, heat calculations, electrical requirements, sizing, and any existing controls equipment.

Engineering Services

Our team of engineers have years of experience in the design and implementation of industrial control systems. Our engineering services include electrical and mechanical design, PLC and HMI programming or migration, documentation, on-site or remote system commissioning, and post-project service. Our documentation capabilities include developing panel layout drawings, wiring schematics, functional diagrams, O&M manuals, I/O lists, software design documents. Throughout the design process, we can generate and update project documentation automatically, including I/O drawings, electrical schematics, and hyper-linked PDFs to ensure accurate routing, connectivity and wire length specifications between the various design layers.

We also utilize properly sized wire duct and visibly adhered device and wire labels to ensure clean and organized panel wiring. Every control panel we build is thoroughly tested for complete functionality and inspected for UL compliance and quality.

our control panels services include engineer-led design reviews to ensure compliance with industry standards and to make recommendations for cost improvements and  manufacturing efficiency. We also provide parts purchasing, control panel manufacturing, factory acceptance testing, and commissioning.

Quality Control Procedures

We are committed to providing high-quality products and services that meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and regulatory standards. From concept to completion, we follow established procedures designed to ensure every project detail is accounted for, including design reviews conducted by senior-level engineers, multi-point control panel build inspections, and thorough testing to verify quality and functionality.

Once a design is finalized, we extract the data to compile a bill of materials, source all the components and order and assemble the panels. The panels are then tested, including full control system testing, as required.

We work hard to understand your needs, and then create an optimal electrical controls and PLC design for your situation. Our designs comply with industry requirements and all applicable international standards for safety and reliability.

With our in-depth knowledge of electrical safety codes, we can provide line diagrams, isometric drawings, and construction drawings along with accurate and up-to-date records and reports to assist in project management and legal compliance with local electric and building codes, including:

  • Electrical substation design
  • Transmission and distribution systems design
  • Facilities electrical design
  • SCADA systems design
  • Electrical control panel design
  • Building alarm and communications systems design
  • Interior lighting design

You can trust HAMRAH SYSTEM HAMI  to design all your electrical systems to the highest standards of efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness.

 .NET framework

.NET framework that has been specially designed for automation with plug-in technology to guarantee openness and expandability. Its Client-Server architecture is based on the HAMRAH SYSTEM HAMI  information model data.

The new WPF graphics rendering engine uses XAML vector graphics of exceptional quality, and offers a new generation of graphics libraries with support to dynamic 3D graphics. The integrated web client technology is based on HTML5 and APPs for Android and iOS. Data is collected using the latest database and cloud technology with support to the IoT technology.

This new generation of SCADA/HMI is ideal for long-term projects.

In addition to providing tools for the quick creation of powerful visualization and control projects, HAMRAH SYSTEM HAMI  also uses the latest technologies to enable your applications to:

  • connect to the field and to easily integrate with the entire world
  • distribute information to Local or Remote Clients
  • connect to any type of measurement and control device, as required by the Industry 4.0 Directive