your industrial automation & remote monitoring needs with the best solutions in the world class

HAMRAH SYSTEM HAMI has partnered top hardware manufacturers and software providers to be your consultant from designing to installing and to cover every aspect of the process. We are experts at creating things that fit your needs.



Our employees are trained so well that when you reach them, can support you through your problems and questions. They are happy to assist you on-site or off-site


From concept to implementation, we provide the high-quality machinery and SW which suits your business.



Wide Variety and high value of our provided wire, cable, transformer, and control panel

HAMRAH SYSTEM HAMI can design a solution, procure all control hardware, install and support the solution afterwards.

We take our own in-house knowledge of process automation to keep our lead times low on our electrical control panels.

Our vision

.To be the first automation solution provider in the Asia which can stand out as big as world-class brands.

Efficient equipment accompanying our expertise